Why make www.LocalEdition.co.uk for Gwent your home page?

  • Because it is local, with local weather, services, news, entertainment and sports links
  • Because it has LOCAL classified ads and you can easily check for bargains in your area.
  • Because it has many local links, please suggest more.
  • Because it has easy links to major search engines and directories.
  • Because you can discuss local issues on our bulletin board
  • Because you can announce local events in our What's On feature


    How to make www.LocalEdition.co.uk for Gwent your home page?

  • With LocalEdition.co.uk Home page for you area open, click the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click Use Current.

    Or Better Still
  • Set your home page to blank. This saves time always loading a page you may not always want (you may want to just collect your emails).
  • Then--------
  • Add our home page to your links bar by dragging the icon from the address bar to the links bar when the page is open (recommended)
  • This will mean you don't have to select Gwent each time you come to LocalEdition, just click on us on your links bar (Internet Explorer)

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